Thursday, September 10, 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW: Age Defying Moisturizing Sun Screen by Oz Naturals

DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest unbiased review.

Alright all the extremely white girls, hands up! [Raising hand here] All the white girls that burn, another hand up! [Hand up again] Here is a picture of me next to my husband so you can see how white I am exactly.  

Okay, now that we have cleared that up, I would like to give my story of how tanning went to burning with me. Before I had my children I would always have a nice tan every summer and I would love that, enter kid 1 - tan wasn't as good-, now enter kid 2 - burning started but not so bad- and now enter kid 3 - burning as soon as I step foot in the sun :(.

Let's just say that my kids changed my hormones so much that now I can't tan for the life of me. My husband and I went to the Bahamas and Dominican Republic the past two years and at each place we had to get me SPF 75+, lol.

I have had the opportunity to review this new sun screen by Oz Naturals->

We took a family trip to the beach over Labor Day weekend and so I was finally able to try this sunscreen out. Here is an example of how I look when I burn (notice the red face).  

Now lets get to the beach weekend. Here is the sunscreen before we took it out of the box. I lathered it on multiple times over the weekend. 

First thing that I noticed was that this sunscreen does not go on greasy or leave a greasy feeling. I REALLY like that because I hate feeling all greased up with sunscreen. It's smooth and quickly moisturized my dry skin. 

I also noticed that I didn't need to put a lot on my hand because a small drop covered a large area, which is awesome because that means the sunscreen bottle will last longer! 

Here is a picture of how my skin looked right before the sun went down when we went to dinner. Excuse the no makeup, it was a beach trip! I did not burn at all by using this sunscreen! I am very happy with this sunscreen and that also means no peeling skin!!! 

I give this sunscreen a 5 out of 5 star review based on the fact that I didn't burn, didn't feel greasy and didn't need a large amount for coverage! 

I highly recommend trying out this sunscreen! 

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